Case Studies

  • Sim-Cast

    Supply chain and market anaylsis for Sim-Cast helps with the company's plan to manufacture state of the art prototype Single Crystal parts in an effic...

  • Cooney Marine

    Cooney Marine has developed the first davit to carry much heavier weights. It also features an electric motor. This innovative product has not only ex...

  • EPL Composites & FSP Ltd

    Both companies have completed a collaborative project which has pushed the development of ‘crash friendly’ hybrid composite sign posts forward.

  • Classic Car Services

    Established in 1981 originally as a car body shop, Classic Car Services is now a leading car interior specialist, supplying to car dealerships and dir...

  • Hardstaff Group

    Pioneers of dual fuel are first to market with Transport iNet support. Based in Nottingham with a heritage dating back some 150 years.

  • Delta Motorsport

    Delta Motorsport formed in 2005 and specialise in the design and engineering of race cars and road cars for the motorsport and automotive industry. De...

  • Racetech Harnessing

    Full beam ahead with Racetech Harnessing

  • Quicksilver

    Transport iNet supports speedy SME

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